Lerpz Voyage

Lerpz Voyage is a game that was inspired by the Unity Tutorial. When he finally escaped from Robot World by his spaceship, here he starts his second mission: he wants to come back home. He must avoid and destroy all the enemy spaceships around him. He has different weapons that can pick up in the scene. He must destroy tree kind of enemy spaceships. The first one shoots at him slower than the others and is less strong then the last one. At the end of the level face the strong and  big Mothership.

How to play:
AltGr or Ctrl or Z : To Shoot

W A S D Keyboard Keys: To Move Up, Down, Left, Right
Arrow Keys: To Move Up, Down, Left, Right





To play: click the link below

Lerpz Voyage

Lerpz VoyageNew

The link LerpzVoyageNew should work fine, but the first link may be not working. The Source Code of the first link was compiled using Unity Web Player that is not supported any more. It’s not possible to play the game on smartphones. Only notebook and desktop.