Lerpz Escape

Lerpz is an alien in a Robot World Environment. His spaceship has been impounded by the local robot police. He knows where the spaceship is but he needs to collect 25 fuel canisters around the environment, this will shut down the impound lot’s fence and free Lerpz’s spaceship. He can then enter his spaceship, add the fuel from the cans and fly away to home. Lerpz is a game tutorial by Unity tecnologies, I like it very much. Now it is not available any more. The Unity game engine has changed a lot and the game doesn’t work. I tryed to do my best to expand the game with a bigger environment and add different kind of Robots. It works well in web browsers. I would like to bring it to Android platform but there are a lot of problems to solve and a lot of time to spend..

How to play:
Left mouse click: To Punch
Spacebar: To Jump
W A S D Keyboard Keys: To Move Up, Down, Left, Right
Arrow Keys: To Move Up, Down, Left, Right





PLAY: click below

Lerpz Escape

Lerpz Escape – Low Resolution 1280X720

The Source Code was compiled using Unity Web Player that is not supported  by the new web-browsers. The oldest web browsers that work  are  Internet  Explorer 11 or Safari for Windows. Please download and install IE11 even if the system says it works only for Windows 7. Open my web site using Internet Explorer 11, then install Unity Web Player. Play the Game!

Download Internet Explorer 11 (64 bits) SOLO para Windows 7 from Official Microsoft Download Center