Who I am

I was born in Rome, Italy. I have been working as an IT specialist for a long time since I finished school. I was one of three brothers. Everyone adviced me to study foreign languages and tecnical subjects. My older brother studied Technical institute: electrical engineering specialization, the other Technical Institute: mechanical specialization and I decided Technical Institute: IT specialization randomly. I started studying programming languages and my passion for programming growed more and more and this never stopped along 30 years of my career. Thanks to my knowledge of foreign languages,

especially english I was able to understand tecnical books and improve my ability. I learned programming languages such as basic, cobol, java, javascript, python, c# etc. I am a creative person and very passionate of video games. So I started to develop as a solo deleloper!

If you want to write me and give me any advice, express your opinion or if you are looking for any sort of collaboration, just send me an email. I will answer you as soon as possible moriggi.l@libero.it